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I’m really going to miss Burn Notice


I’ve loved Burn Notice from the first episode. I’ve watched every single show. Including one on-line a few years ago while hunkered over my computer because my DVR had a bad day. But that was okay. I didn’t want to miss a single one.

I also have the DVDs. I’ve re-watched entire seasons in a single setting (well…you know…with bathroom breaks 🙂 ) and enjoyed every one again as if for the first time. Burn Notice is definitely going right into my personal Hall of Fame for favorite television shows.

Burn Notice2

Michael Weston is the perfect hero spy. Fiona Glenanne is the perfect kick-ass chick and girlfriend. Two of my favorite things. Actually, all of the characters in the show are amazing. From Madelyn to Sam Axe to Nate to Jesse, to all the people they’ve helped, and to all the bad guys they’ve thwarted…every character has been a joy to watch.


While I hate to see this show go, I’m forever a fan. I was particularly glad to see the way the final show ended. Just the way it should. 🙂 I feel like I should say Thank You to Matt Nix.


Have you had a love affair with Burn Notice like I have for the past seven seasons?


13 is One of My Favorite Numbers

math geeks rockmath side with pi

I’ve always been a Math geek. I like numbers…well, let’s face it, I LOVE numbers.

13 doesn’t bother me even if it happens on a Friday, because lots of great things have happened to me on the 13th of any particular month. My brother’s birthday. The day I met my husband. The number of diamonds in my wedding set.

A few obscure highlights strung together, I know. Still, I like 13!

13 is on fire!


friday 13th

Then again I also like the numbers 7, 5, 12, 3 and 36 for various reasons.

Do you know why? Because I just LOVE numbers!!

So do you have a favorite number?


p.s. Yes, I know that yesterday was the 13th. I was busy. I forgot what day it was. I was [fill in the blank for an excuse that works]. 🙂

Never Underestimate the Power of Music

I love the mornings when my clock radio wakes me up to a favorite song I haven’t heard in a long time. Especially when it’s Monday mornings.
Music has a way of putting me in a certain place from my past, sometimes even faster than a particularly memorable scent.
I’m partial to alternative rock and roll music, but I listen to lots of different music. Everything from Puddle of Mudd to Jason Aldean. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Music Love

Music Love

The song I came awake to this morning was one that I first heard when I’d just started writing.
I have an extra affection for going back to that time in my life. Makes me happy.

What music puts you on the path to happy?

Getting Organized – Yes It’s a Must

Getting Organized isn’t always easy no matter how much I strive to clean up my act, so to speak.
But whether it’s my desk – and it’s always a mess – to the junk file on my e-mail account, I feel like I must organize, purge and clean every so often. Otherwise the landslide potential grows exponentially with each passing day.

And whether you use plastic boxes, baskets or even buckets on a wall, any organization is a good idea.

good organizing tool

good organizing tool


great organizing tool

great organizing tool


my favorite organizing tool

my favorite organizing tool

So what method do you use to organize stuff?

Things I Take for Granted

I hate to admit that I take anything for granted. I really try not to.
But my garage door opener is broken. And I already miss it…A LOT.

Okay, maybe my problem isn't the same as this.

Okay, maybe my problem isn’t the same as this.

This picture above is perhaps an extreme, but it’s the way I feel it might as well be.
I came home with the groceries, in the rain-by the way, and it worked perfectly.
Hubby came home ten minutes later, and voila, it was suddenly broken.
He had to run and dodge raindrops to reach our front door.
The look on his face said, “What did you do?”
My expression was one of shock and sadness, and of course. “I didn’t do anything!”
Now my poor car is out in the driveway until the repair folks can make my world right again.
Who knew I’d be so attached to my garage door opener?

What are you attached to?

What would make you a sad panda if it broke?

Long Weekends Rock

Is this the perfect place for a long weekend?

Is this the perfect place for a long weekend?

This may be the perfect place to spend a long weekend.
But that’s not what I call perfection. Because the truth is…I’m an indoor girl.
Personally, I prefer hunkering down in my living room in front of a big screen TV watching series television or movie DVDs. I can watch a whole season of a favorite television show during a long weekend. Or all the sequels of a movie franchise, maybe even two. And I only break to eat, and for the inevitable bathroom stops. 🙂

Now this is my vision of the perfect place to spend a long weekend.

Now this is my vision of the perfect place to spend a long weekend.

How do you spend your perfect long weekend?

Inside, outside, or a combination of both?

Today is another day, why did it have to be Monday?

Mondays, in general, get a lot of crap from everyone. I used to like Mondays. It was the beginning. I had a whole new week to accomplish whatever it was that I was trying to accomplish.
Lately I feel like Mondays are laughing at me. “What? You’re going to try to accomplish what?” Then comes the maniacal Monday laughter. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to hear that kind of laughter from the first day of the week.
My best defense? A good cup of coffee. Or, let’s be honest, 5 good cups of coffee. 🙂 But after the first one, it’s decaf only or hubby has to peel me off the ceiling when he gets home.
Time to make a list. I do this a lot. Then I can cross my accomplishments off as I go along. Very satisfying.
Any list makers out there? Or am I utterly alone? 🙂