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Smells Like School has started

Florida summer

There is a certain smell in the air, even in the still very warm region of Florida, when it gets to the end of summer (Is that what they call the dog days?) and the fall school semester has either started or is about to start.  And the world just smells different, at least  it does to me.

dog days of summerback to school

For as much as I loved school, especially Math, (and so began my love of spreadsheets) I always hated when the end of summer came zooming into reality. The sweltering heat of a humid August in the Midwest, much like everyday Florida humidity, if memory serves, is a reminder that the summer fun is about to come screeching to an end.

math side with pi

I was an indoor girl. Oh who am I kidding? I’m still an indoor girl all these years later. I loved the freedom of the summer months because I could read to my heart’s content. I carried a big stack of books out of the library each and every week. Which was likely the only exercise I got during the summer, then or now.

book stack

The end of the summer meant that the books I was about to be reading had to do with learning things, not mystery, suspense, action or adventure, and certainly not romance. (my favorite)

Even through the thick wall of the Florida humidity, I can smell that school has started. Maybe it isn’t so much what the start of school smells like, but the “lack” of summer scents as we all trudge back into our school routine. No more tanning lotion and chlorine (or in Florida – beach sand and sea air) smells. And for me, no more smells of book paper and ink during my weekly trips to the library.

Then again, with technology the way it is today, I wonder if schools still smells the same way any more? What with electronic gadgets replacing the old stacks of spiral notebooks, pens, mechanical pencils etc. used in my day, has the scent of the school year changed along with it?

Something to ponder.  🙂