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Things I Take for Granted

I hate to admit that I take anything for granted. I really try not to.
But my garage door opener is broken. And I already miss it…A LOT.

Okay, maybe my problem isn't the same as this.

Okay, maybe my problem isn’t the same as this.

This picture above is perhaps an extreme, but it’s the way I feel it might as well be.
I came home with the groceries, in the rain-by the way, and it worked perfectly.
Hubby came home ten minutes later, and voila, it was suddenly broken.
He had to run and dodge raindrops to reach our front door.
The look on his face said, “What did you do?”
My expression was one of shock and sadness, and of course. “I didn’t do anything!”
Now my poor car is out in the driveway until the repair folks can make my world right again.
Who knew I’d be so attached to my garage door opener?

What are you attached to?

What would make you a sad panda if it broke?