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13 is One of My Favorite Numbers

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I’ve always been a Math geek. I like numbers…well, let’s face it, I LOVE numbers.

13 doesn’t bother me even if it happens on a Friday, because lots of great things have happened to me on the 13th of any particular month. My brother’s birthday. The day I met my husband. The number of diamonds in my wedding set.

A few obscure highlights strung together, I know. Still, I like 13!

13 is on fire!


friday 13th

Then again I also like the numbers 7, 5, 12, 3 and 36 for various reasons.

Do you know why? Because I just LOVE numbers!!

So do you have a favorite number?


p.s. Yes, I know that yesterday was the 13th. I was busy. I forgot what day it was. I was [fill in the blank for an excuse that works]. 🙂