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A log cabin in the woods, otherwise known as my happy place.


Everyone has a certain “special” place that secretly or not, makes them happy. Mine is a log cabin in the woods. I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone who knows me. And if this “is” a surprise to anyone who knows me…well…surprise! And now you know the truth. 🙂


And if I’m going to dream about this simple wooded dwelling, then I might as well go big. I call this one the Log Mansion. Look at all that marvelous log cabin-y goodness. And the stones at the base only add to my delight. This is just an on-line representation of the imaginary structure in my mind.


Once inside my mythical log mansion, this an idea of what I see.


or even this in the regular log cabin of my imagination.


Basically, a nice fire place, some simple comfortable furniture, and can you hear the quiet in the above picture? I can. Once securely tucked away in my log cabin happy place in the woods, I would curl up next the the crackling fire with a book in hand and a big mug of hot tea.

There you have it. My little wood-lined happy place fantasy.

When you go to your happy place, what do you see?