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Today is another day, why did it have to be Monday?

Mondays, in general, get a lot of crap from everyone. I used to like Mondays. It was the beginning. I had a whole new week to accomplish whatever it was that I was trying to accomplish.
Lately I feel like Mondays are laughing at me. “What? You’re going to try to accomplish what?” Then comes the maniacal Monday laughter. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to hear that kind of laughter from the first day of the week.
My best defense? A good cup of coffee. Or, let’s be honest, 5 good cups of coffee. 🙂 But after the first one, it’s decaf only or hubby has to peel me off the ceiling when he gets home.
Time to make a list. I do this a lot. Then I can cross my accomplishments off as I go along. Very satisfying.
Any list makers out there? Or am I utterly alone? 🙂