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13 is One of My Favorite Numbers

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I’ve always been a Math geek. I like numbers…well, let’s face it, I LOVE numbers.

13 doesn’t bother me even if it happens on a Friday, because lots of great things have happened to me on the 13th of any particular month. My brother’s birthday. The day I met my husband. The number of diamonds in my wedding set.

A few obscure highlights strung together, I know. Still, I like 13!

13 is on fire!


friday 13th

Then again I also like the numbers 7, 5, 12, 3 and 36 for various reasons.

Do you know why? Because I just LOVE numbers!!

So do you have a favorite number?


p.s. Yes, I know that yesterday was the 13th. I was busy. I forgot what day it was. I was [fill in the blank for an excuse that works]. 🙂

Fabulous Friday

Even though I don’t have a 9-5 job any more, I still get a little subconscious thrill when I hear the word, FRIDAY!
Yay, Friday!
Fridays conjure a feeling of hope. An emotional response from way down deep that a break from the humdrum is coming.
End of the day on Friday means fun and time to do whatever it is that makes me happy.
Recreation. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.
Friday’s are worth the wait.
My favorite Friday’s were always spent with either a good book, a good movie, or both.
I was taken away from my routine world and transported to another storyline to take a look around.
What do you look forward to when Friday rolls around?