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2014: It’s a brand new year with limitless possibilities


I love the first several days of the new year. I always feel like I have a fresh beginning ahead of me. I can do anything that I want to with this fabulous new year. Although, I suspect I’ll do what I usually do and just write some more books. 🙂


Hopefully, I’ll write even more than I did the year before. I’m ever hoping to improve my stats.


I’ve started two new series for this year in two new genres. One is a paranormal shifters series set in my new fictional town of Spellbound, North Dakota. One is a contemporary Sci-Fi with aliens from another planet living in my other new fictional town of Cavalier, Wyoming. But I’ll also continue to write the contemporary cowboy series, Montana Double Riders. And, yes, you guessed correctly. It will continue to be set in my “other” fictional town of Enclave, Montana. Looks like this will be my biggest challenge for the new year, juggling several different series, in several different genres, and in several different states with several different fictional towns. 🙂

paper and pen

But I’m excited about it. While most of the time I write on a computer, nothing makes me happier than seeing a blank piece of paper with a pen nearby. For me that visual creates even more limitless writing possibilities.