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Is Spring in the air yet?

florida-map Spring-is-in-the-air-31

I live in Florida, so Spring is pretty much always in the air. And if it isn’t Spring here, then it’s Summer.


Fall, Winter and the word “Cold” are merely words I used to know from way back when I lived in Colorado. In the cobwebs of my mind, I do recall driving to work on icy roads with snow piled up in great mounds along the way. I miss looking at it. I don’t miss driving in it.

palm_tree_on_beach_florida_winter Ave FL temps

Winter of that caliber in Florida is only a few select days throughout the fall and winter months. No snow, but the temperature has dropped into into the twenties a few times. I can’t remember the exact number as I’m not allowed to discuss the matter with any of my friends who live north of me. Apparently I don’t know what cold is. Which is probably accurate these days. 🙂

It got so chilly meme  LOL – And yet it’s true.

My wish is for Spring to hurry up and get here. I want all my friends who live in the northern tundra to dig out and enjoy a life without snowdrifts everywhere, icy roads each day, and close-toed shoes as their “only” choice of footwear. 🙂

Why, yes. I am barefoot right now, how did you know?